22 October, 2005

New job and house hunting

Started work last week.. that and looking after the chickens!! Life is full of fun in Sydney!!

Been working at this software company just down the road from where we live. Such an easy job, and there is nothing I can do to make it a little more interesting!! All I do all day is answer the phones and say "Hi you are speaking to Jez in Tech Support. How can I help?"... then these clients tell me all about the problems they are having, I listen and write it down and then "Well I can't actually help with this problem, but I have logged it and I will get one of the Tech Support guys to call you back as soon as possible..." They never like that, but what can I do?? I don't know the software at all.. oh yeah and log some emails that come in..

That takes up about half of my work day.. so I spend the rest of the time on the net. The manager doesnt have a problem as long as I get my calls and emails done!!! If anyone has Yahoo messenger IM me on jezarnold please..

Then again the job is only for another week (two weeks in total), and I should have something different starting soon. I have applied for about 20 Helpdesk positions in Sydney, but I don't think anyone wants travellers...

Me and Zee have also been looking for houses in Manly. Manly is a great suburb of Sydney, with beaches and some great bars. It also means getting a ferry to work every day, which will be a novel way of commuting! We have looked at a couple of bedsits, but they were horrible and the landlords wanted far too much rent. Then we got to see this great flat..

Lovely views over the harbour... massive rooms.. cheap rent... 10 mins walk to the ferry or beach.. too good to be true?? It could be.. we went around the other night and had a look, and loved it straight away. Just got to wait on the people who live there to make a decision between us and this guy who is from Worcester!! Christ sake.... was so tempted to say, "Whats his last name? Oh I know him.. I'm sure he got done for kiddy fiddling...."

We are still waiting on an answer, so everyone wish us luck please!!


  1. Hope it yours by now-if not why not. keep us informed x

  2. Have you lost interest in your own weblog? We don't get may posts nowerdays Jez!