29 November, 2005

27 November, 2005

Jez Danni Zena & Pete

Jez Danni Zena & Pete
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This weekend one of Zenas old housemates from Southampton was in Sydney!! Dani flew over first class to see a friend of hers who works for QANTAS as an Aircraft Engineer.. Pete!

Anyway we all went out for a meal and drinks on Saturday night, and proceeded to get pissed... Lovely food in the Blue 'something' restaurant, and then loads of different drinks in the Shark Bar.. had beer, red wine, champage, spirits, Illusions (shots and pinapple juice) ...

Had a hangover all day Sunday.

Also so much for summer is on its way here.. the last week it has rained EVERY day..

Oh well, at least its not snowing ;-)

21 November, 2005

Walking on the Moon

Walking on the Moon 2
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Me and Zena went on a daytrip into Sydney on Sunday. Got the ferry from Mnaly to Circular Quay, and then wandered down Pitt Street, into the China Town for some lunch and finishing at Darling Harbour.

Its great there, loads of different things to do.. We decided we would go and see what the IMax cinema was offering. A few different shows, but it was the Walking on the Moon Documentary by Tom Hanks, that we chose to see. It was amazing. 3D glasses, and some real sharp pictures. Give it 20 years and we will be watching TV lke this (just like in Minority Report..)

Have a look at my Flickr site for more pictures of the day!!

15 November, 2005


Back at the end of May 2005, when I turned 30 I made four resolutions. These were:

1. No More Smoking! 2. Manage my cash 3. Keep a life journal 4. Get Fit & Stay Fit

Well, the no more smoking one was going fine, then I was weak and had just a couple every day, but since me & Zena got back together midway through September I haven't touched a single one!! Managing the cash is surprisingly easier, when you are earning a living wage. I get just over $500 a week here. that works out as $125 for rent, $60 for food, $150 savings (for our USA trip) and that leaves me about $150 for myself each week!! so money management is MUCH better...

The life journal.. I made a comment about this the other day. The online blog, is going really well!! Over 100 posts now, but unfortunately the paper based one didn't get much further. I think I have an addiction to fancy notebooks... Maybe I should just use them for notes, and not attempt to start a journal (again)

So that leads us to the final one... Get Fit & Stay Fit!! Ok, so I was snowboarding as much as possible in NZ, but it wasn't enough. Now I am lying on a beach every day, in image conscious Australia, I need to get my belly down. So this week I started running again... Its wednesday today, and I did my third run.. Finally getting to the end of the beach!! I walk down to the end of one beach, and then run along the sand right to the other end, (about 2.5km) and back. Then a nice walk back home.. all in bare feet!! its sooo good actually!! I feel alert and awake all day long...

The idea is to do this before work every day.. lets see how long I last!!

14 November, 2005

100 posts already..

Wow!! I have written 100 posts on this blog in only 7 months 14 days!! thats pretty good.. it means at least one of my 30th Birthday resolutions is coming true.. well, at least the online side of it is. My written journal stopped on the 23rd July..

Anyway just been chatting to Cookie through Flickr.. and got searching on the pictures.. one thing leads to another, and I discovered all the graffiti pictures on there!! There is some pretty impressive art on there.. after this I went over to the Banksy Site and had a look through his links.

Anyway if you are interested, check out these links: < Banksy > < Freeway Blogger > < AdBusters > < Wooster Collective > < David Shrigley > < Pictures on Walls > < Space Invaders > < Popaganda > < Art Crimes > < Stencil Revolution > < Akayism > 

In fact heres my current list of Flickr Groups: <Sydney Photobloggers> <FlickrCentral> <JPG Magazine> <flickritis> <BLOGGERS> <B&W> <Macintosh> <NZ photography> <New Zealand ~ Aotearoa> <Graffiti> <Beautiful Scenery> <Sydney> <stickerart> <WOW!> <snowboard> <Travel Photography> <STREETART> <streetsy.com> <Road Trip America> <Banksy> <STENCIL> <urban scrawls and scribbles> < .:Utterly Surreal:.> <New Zealand> <Australian Images> <Australian Travel Images> <Typepad users>

Anyway the next 100 posts are gonna be here before I leave Oz.. then another 100 in 7 weeks.. its not gonna happen is it?!?

13 November, 2005


Img_1704<<Check out the Sunglasses marks ...

Went to the beach on Saturday for a bit of sunbathing, while Zena went shopping with her Aunty.. was feeling pretty tired as I went out for a few drinks with work colleagues the night before. Without putting suncream on I fell asleep..

Woke up a couple of hours later, feeling pretty hot all over.. Went home and looked in the mirror and had the funniest sunburn ever!!

As a consequence have been feeling like shit all weekend!! Oh yeah, and I had to go buy some aftersun..

07 November, 2005

Our new beach house..

Img_1636 << Our new House is just behind the flats... more piccys..

We have had a busy weekend!! Saturday saw me and Zee making sure that Gail & Rogers house was nice n tidy for them to return too.. That doesn't mean we had messed it up, more like that if you had just flown for 24 hours you really don't want to arrive to any slight problem!! So our three hour cleaning session soon turned into six. :-(

That wasn't too bad, because we were moving into our new house!! Yep.. finally we have a place we can call home (for 5 months anyway!!) ...

We are now living on Bower Street, which is in between Manly beach and Shelly beach on the Eastern Hill of Manly. Its a pretty quiet neighbourhood, made even better by the fact that we go to bed and wake up to the sound of the sea breaking on some rocks!! Thats so peaceful.. but we do need some curtains though. I am loving the sun right now, but getting woken up at 05:50 by the sunrise, isn't something I want everyday... <house 1> <house 2> <house 3> <house 4>

We are living with this Aussie/Brazillian girl called Daniella. Shes pretty cool, and keeps a nice arty house. She has the lease, so she gets the best view - 5 beachs and the Pacific Ocean.. But if we stick our head out the window, we get a seaview anyway!! Her boyfriend Fen has even offered to teach me to surf..

Spent sunday on our new local beach, and am at work today (Monday) Have to get the bus at 07:58 and get back to Manly at 18:50.. thats 11 hours of my day at work or travelling!! Not as bad as Zee though, she has to work out in Parramatta at the moment, which is 4 hours travelling each day!!

Anyway me new address is --  [UPDATE - REMOVED - Email me for my Australian Address] 

P.S monthly email coming soon.. lets see some replies or comments please!! its good to hear whats happening back home!

02 November, 2005


Ok.. I have to get this weblog to pay for itself.

So I am gonna ask you all a favour. it won't take much of your time up.. promise ;-)

Basically on the right >> you will see some adverts, just below the Feeds. Just click on the advert everytime you come here. Then come straight back to the website by clicking 'Back' on your browser toolbar.. thats it! If you all do this, I get enough money to pay for the blog!!

Not much to ask is it??