14 November, 2005

100 posts already..

Wow!! I have written 100 posts on this blog in only 7 months 14 days!! thats pretty good.. it means at least one of my 30th Birthday resolutions is coming true.. well, at least the online side of it is. My written journal stopped on the 23rd July..

Anyway just been chatting to Cookie through Flickr.. and got searching on the pictures.. one thing leads to another, and I discovered all the graffiti pictures on there!! There is some pretty impressive art on there.. after this I went over to the Banksy Site and had a look through his links.

Anyway if you are interested, check out these links: < Banksy > < Freeway Blogger > < AdBusters > < Wooster Collective > < David Shrigley > < Pictures on Walls > < Space Invaders > < Popaganda > < Art Crimes > < Stencil Revolution > < Akayism > 

In fact heres my current list of Flickr Groups: <Sydney Photobloggers> <FlickrCentral> <JPG Magazine> <flickritis> <BLOGGERS> <B&W> <Macintosh> <NZ photography> <New Zealand ~ Aotearoa> <Graffiti> <Beautiful Scenery> <Sydney> <stickerart> <WOW!> <snowboard> <Travel Photography> <STREETART> <streetsy.com> <Road Trip America> <Banksy> <STENCIL> <urban scrawls and scribbles> < .:Utterly Surreal:.> <New Zealand> <Australian Images> <Australian Travel Images> <Typepad users>

Anyway the next 100 posts are gonna be here before I leave Oz.. then another 100 in 7 weeks.. its not gonna happen is it?!?


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