07 November, 2005

Our new beach house..

Img_1636 << Our new House is just behind the flats... more piccys..

We have had a busy weekend!! Saturday saw me and Zee making sure that Gail & Rogers house was nice n tidy for them to return too.. That doesn't mean we had messed it up, more like that if you had just flown for 24 hours you really don't want to arrive to any slight problem!! So our three hour cleaning session soon turned into six. :-(

That wasn't too bad, because we were moving into our new house!! Yep.. finally we have a place we can call home (for 5 months anyway!!) ...

We are now living on Bower Street, which is in between Manly beach and Shelly beach on the Eastern Hill of Manly. Its a pretty quiet neighbourhood, made even better by the fact that we go to bed and wake up to the sound of the sea breaking on some rocks!! Thats so peaceful.. but we do need some curtains though. I am loving the sun right now, but getting woken up at 05:50 by the sunrise, isn't something I want everyday... <house 1> <house 2> <house 3> <house 4>

We are living with this Aussie/Brazillian girl called Daniella. Shes pretty cool, and keeps a nice arty house. She has the lease, so she gets the best view - 5 beachs and the Pacific Ocean.. But if we stick our head out the window, we get a seaview anyway!! Her boyfriend Fen has even offered to teach me to surf..

Spent sunday on our new local beach, and am at work today (Monday) Have to get the bus at 07:58 and get back to Manly at 18:50.. thats 11 hours of my day at work or travelling!! Not as bad as Zee though, she has to work out in Parramatta at the moment, which is 4 hours travelling each day!!

Anyway me new address is --  [UPDATE - REMOVED - Email me for my Australian Address] 

P.S monthly email coming soon.. lets see some replies or comments please!! its good to hear whats happening back home!

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  1. Looks great bruv, should definately get your flat mate to teach you how to surf "will change you life, swear to god" (ahem..Point Break quote). Seriously though Ive been surfing all summer and Im loving it!
    Everything is good here, and just got back from the states where I got to go skating with Matt Hensley!!! Was pretty star struck and hes a super nice guy. Actually ended up going out on the lash with him over here as his band was touring, told him you had his board and he was stoked!
    How long are you in Oz for again, may be coming myself - watch this space!!!