15 November, 2005


Back at the end of May 2005, when I turned 30 I made four resolutions. These were:

1. No More Smoking! 2. Manage my cash 3. Keep a life journal 4. Get Fit & Stay Fit

Well, the no more smoking one was going fine, then I was weak and had just a couple every day, but since me & Zena got back together midway through September I haven't touched a single one!! Managing the cash is surprisingly easier, when you are earning a living wage. I get just over $500 a week here. that works out as $125 for rent, $60 for food, $150 savings (for our USA trip) and that leaves me about $150 for myself each week!! so money management is MUCH better...

The life journal.. I made a comment about this the other day. The online blog, is going really well!! Over 100 posts now, but unfortunately the paper based one didn't get much further. I think I have an addiction to fancy notebooks... Maybe I should just use them for notes, and not attempt to start a journal (again)

So that leads us to the final one... Get Fit & Stay Fit!! Ok, so I was snowboarding as much as possible in NZ, but it wasn't enough. Now I am lying on a beach every day, in image conscious Australia, I need to get my belly down. So this week I started running again... Its wednesday today, and I did my third run.. Finally getting to the end of the beach!! I walk down to the end of one beach, and then run along the sand right to the other end, (about 2.5km) and back. Then a nice walk back home.. all in bare feet!! its sooo good actually!! I feel alert and awake all day long...

The idea is to do this before work every day.. lets see how long I last!!


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