13 November, 2005


Img_1704<<Check out the Sunglasses marks ...

Went to the beach on Saturday for a bit of sunbathing, while Zena went shopping with her Aunty.. was feeling pretty tired as I went out for a few drinks with work colleagues the night before. Without putting suncream on I fell asleep..

Woke up a couple of hours later, feeling pretty hot all over.. Went home and looked in the mirror and had the funniest sunburn ever!!

As a consequence have been feeling like shit all weekend!! Oh yeah, and I had to go buy some aftersun..


  1. Jez sunburnt?!

    What a surprise.... doesn't look as bad as the blisters that you got from Thailand though...the sunburn blisters that is, not the circular burns suffered when drinking flaming sambucas using plastic cups, and melting the cup to the palm of your hand!...swiftly followed by dancing on the table slapping your belly.....oh well, it was a good night!

    Good luck with the surfing 'Surfer Dad'.

  2. Whose a silly boy then !!