26 December, 2005

Boxing Day

Got up early and made a picnic, as me and Zee were going to the watch the start of the Sydney - Hobart Yacht Race from North Head, Sydney Harbour National Park. After a big trek and the bus, we managed to get a spot right in front of Channel 7 Sports News!! How about that for lucky?

We had a great little picnic, watching the TV crew get set up, and in fact just after Zee popped the champagne, the presenter asked if Zee had another bottle to pop whilst on air!! unfortunately, we didnt..

After this we went down to the beach to meet up with Gordon & Jodie, who were having a boxing day party down at North Manly Beach. A couple of beers, and even had a game of Cricket!

25 December, 2005

Christmas Day 2005

  Christmas Day 2005 
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Woke up at 6 to open pressies, some things never change!! Got a great Leatherman Micro off Mum and Dad, a Surf lesson and a Mask & Snorkll off Zena, as well a socks and sweets!!  Then after Breakfast me and Zee head to Shelley Beach for Champagne and strawberrys..

After a swim with my new Mask and Snorkell, its up to Zenas Aunty Gails & Uncle Rogers for Christmas Day. Prawns and pork, instead of Turkey this year!!

Had a great afternoon with some of Gail & Rogers friends, and there family.. and then later on me and Zee headed home with a taxi; expecting a $80 charge, was pleasantly surprised that we were charged normal rates!!


24 December, 2005

Christmas Eve

We left Coogee and made our way back across the city, it was a really hot and muggy day, with this horrible hot wind blowing through the whole of NSW. This causes Bush Fires! Apparently one bush fire last year burnt down 500 houses in Canberra!! Someone else told me that 9 out of 10 bushfires are caused by Arsonists..

This heat doesn't help my terrible hangover. But by the time we got back to Manly, i was feeling 100% better.

Danni, our flatmate, decided that tonight we are gonna hold a sophisticated Christmas Eve party, with a load of her friends (and some of ours if they wanna come) coming round for drinks and food, all chilling in the front room, ready to see Christmas in..

So me, Zee, Danni and Fen are all putting a bit of work in, getting things ready, and by 8 o'clock its all set! Everyone has to bring a different bit of food and your own booze.. I get chatting to some of Dannis friends - from all over the world, Australia, UK, Brazil, Canada, USA & NZ.. quite a multi-cultural night in.

Get chatting to one guy, Jeff from Brazil. He is Sydney learning to speak English, and I find out he's a DJ. So I say, "Wow, one of my fave DJs is from Brazil, DJ Marky.. heard of him?" ... "Oh yes, he is one of my good friends.. He is coming to Sydney in February to play at Good Vibrations"

How weird is that? Anyway I speak to Danni later, and she says "Yeah we know him..." Definitely going to that! Saturday 18th February 2006

All in all ... a real good night, a bit different to my usual Christmas Eve in O'Neills in Worcester :)


In true Christmas Celebrations, Me and Zee went to Coogee on friday night to meet up with some girls that Zee met while travelling from Thailand to Singapore. Vicky & Abby (and Mike, Abbys Boyfriend) are all accountants, which they acknowledge as being a pretty boring job. They also say its the best job as a Temp in Sydney, being on over twice what I am on!!

Anyway Coogee is a true Backpacker beach Resort, and IMHO is much better than Bondi or Kings Cross for that laidback Aussie feeling. The beach is pretty good, and its got a great bar, the Coogee Bay Hotel which wil have Pete Tong playing on NY's Day!!

Anyway we all went out for a meal and drinks, and I got real drunk. In fact I was soo pissed, that Zena said that I embarrassed her!! Apparently when we got back to there flat, I promptly fell asleep in the middle of the front room floor!! In front of everyone!! Classic!

hahahaha!! Us Arnolds, we know how to handle our booze..

Woke up the next day with a hangover from Hell, buut nothing that three showers, some berocca, a fryup and a dip in the sea at Coogee didn't cure. :)

22 December, 2005

Merry Christmas!!


Sorry no email went out this month!! Gonna send a nice long New Year / Christmas one....

Leave me a comment, let me know how you all are!!

19 December, 2005

Work Party

Christmas Shopping!! Don't you just hate it? I am quite lucky really this year. Gonna send Mum & Dad, Oli & Sara a really nice pressie from Oz in the New Year, and its all about sorting Zena out really!!

So we went around Paddington Markets and Sydney City on Saturday. It was busy, but not that bad really.. not compared to UK!! Sorted everything out!

The company I work for had there Christmas Party on Saturday night. There making a fair amount of cash right now, so we were lucky to have it in Sydney Aquarium. As a temp, I didn't get a Christmas Pressie off them, but I thought, I am going to the party, even its just for a free feed and some booze! It was actually alright, until they get to the 'Presentations' part of the night, and everyone has to pretend to find the in-jokes really funny!


Anyway after we went to Cargo Lounge, one of the employees brother owns the place, and its in to the posh part for the rest of the night!! So up to now I have spent NOTHING, but in here it all starts getting a little more expensive!! $8 spirits, and I have only gone out with $70... One of the Managers, says he will sort me out with a taxi with him back to Manly, but he gets thrown out early!! hahaha!! So I stick around until close, and as I need to get back to Manly (without paying $60 on a taxi) I end up on Oxford Street, trying to find a bar we can go to until 7 when we have a chance to go to another bar for free drinks!! I am only here, coz I am going to get a free lift home... anyway there are 6 guys trying to get in to pubs at 5:00 in the morning.. it not going to happen!

Home at 05:30 and sleep until midday and spend the rest of the day on the beach!!

11 December, 2005

The A Party

  Jez & Zee on the way to the A Party 
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With Xmas just around the corner, its only fair that a few parties are attended!! After all isn't that what Xmas is all about??

We went to a party on Friday night.. but this was just a run of the mill Birthday party! One of Dani's friends, Alex had an A party. This is where there is no admittance to the party unless you have a theme, beginning with A. There was Air Hostesses, Arabs, Army, Athletes and even Austin Powers!!

So what did we do?? The Alphabet!! A couple of cheap T-Shirts and some felt tips, a little creative genius, and next thing was Me and Zee were ready to roll!!

Anyway the party was at the family's restaurant off Shelley Beach, and a free bar all night meant everyone was pleasantly pissed.. I met some of Dani's friends, as well as another Jez (The Sax player at the party) .. All in all an amazing night!

Looking forward to more partys!

Anyway, the hangover wasn't as bad as last weeks, so spent the day at the beach with a little BBQ in the afternoon, followed by a meal out at the Artichoke in the evening with Gordon & Jodie.

Anyway those who are wondering where Decembers email is.. its gonna be a lttle late, as its going to be your Christmas Cards as well!!!

05 December, 2005

New Haircut

New Haircut
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Another day another dollar at work!! Its a pretty easy job, but everytime I try and promote myself to the dizzy heights of actually helping people out in the Tech Support side of things, I get told to just log the calls.

Its really annoying, but then again thats what I was hired for.. all at the amazing rate of $18 per hour...

So what I have to do is just answer the bloody phones and listen to the moans and make a 'promise' that Tech Support will get back to you 'ASAP'... mmmmm whatever!!

Anyway I go out with a few of the Guys from work most Fridays, and its pretty good. Just a few beers and a chat, then on to other things. Last Friday was pretty good!!

Zena had a phonecall off Jodie, the girl who turned us down for a place in her house! She was wondering what we were up to Friday night, as it was her birthday.. well, we couldnt refuse a few drinks!! So we met up in the Manly Wharf Hotel (hotel being the name for most pubs in the country) and got talking.. Jodie & Gordon, two londoners over here for about a year, Coleen (I think that was her name.. unfortunatley I didnt talk to her much...) and Alistair, the Guy from Worcester.

Everyone was pretty cool really.. and obviously I was chatting to Gordon & Ali most of the night, as I haven't had a good guys night out in ages!! Obviously chatting to Ali, after all he is from my hometown, and he knows Olie (who doesn't..) and used to work in Heros behind the bar, so I'm sure he knows all of my brothers buddies back there...

Anyway we drank a lot of beer, and finished in the Steyne at 02:00.. went home, and woke up with the worst hangover ever!! I suffered ALL day long.. it was terrible!

Anyway Zena went out for a haircut, and she was a bit worried about it... But she came back looking AMAZING!! I love it!! The fringe and the cut is just brilliant.. shes still getting used to it though!