11 December, 2005

The A Party

  Jez & Zee on the way to the A Party 
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With Xmas just around the corner, its only fair that a few parties are attended!! After all isn't that what Xmas is all about??

We went to a party on Friday night.. but this was just a run of the mill Birthday party! One of Dani's friends, Alex had an A party. This is where there is no admittance to the party unless you have a theme, beginning with A. There was Air Hostesses, Arabs, Army, Athletes and even Austin Powers!!

So what did we do?? The Alphabet!! A couple of cheap T-Shirts and some felt tips, a little creative genius, and next thing was Me and Zee were ready to roll!!

Anyway the party was at the family's restaurant off Shelley Beach, and a free bar all night meant everyone was pleasantly pissed.. I met some of Dani's friends, as well as another Jez (The Sax player at the party) .. All in all an amazing night!

Looking forward to more partys!

Anyway, the hangover wasn't as bad as last weeks, so spent the day at the beach with a little BBQ in the afternoon, followed by a meal out at the Artichoke in the evening with Gordon & Jodie.

Anyway those who are wondering where Decembers email is.. its gonna be a lttle late, as its going to be your Christmas Cards as well!!!


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