25 December, 2005

Christmas Day 2005

  Christmas Day 2005 
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Woke up at 6 to open pressies, some things never change!! Got a great Leatherman Micro off Mum and Dad, a Surf lesson and a Mask & Snorkll off Zena, as well a socks and sweets!!  Then after Breakfast me and Zee head to Shelley Beach for Champagne and strawberrys..

After a swim with my new Mask and Snorkell, its up to Zenas Aunty Gails & Uncle Rogers for Christmas Day. Prawns and pork, instead of Turkey this year!!

Had a great afternoon with some of Gail & Rogers friends, and there family.. and then later on me and Zee headed home with a taxi; expecting a $80 charge, was pleasantly surprised that we were charged normal rates!!



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