24 December, 2005


In true Christmas Celebrations, Me and Zee went to Coogee on friday night to meet up with some girls that Zee met while travelling from Thailand to Singapore. Vicky & Abby (and Mike, Abbys Boyfriend) are all accountants, which they acknowledge as being a pretty boring job. They also say its the best job as a Temp in Sydney, being on over twice what I am on!!

Anyway Coogee is a true Backpacker beach Resort, and IMHO is much better than Bondi or Kings Cross for that laidback Aussie feeling. The beach is pretty good, and its got a great bar, the Coogee Bay Hotel which wil have Pete Tong playing on NY's Day!!

Anyway we all went out for a meal and drinks, and I got real drunk. In fact I was soo pissed, that Zena said that I embarrassed her!! Apparently when we got back to there flat, I promptly fell asleep in the middle of the front room floor!! In front of everyone!! Classic!

hahahaha!! Us Arnolds, we know how to handle our booze..

Woke up the next day with a hangover from Hell, buut nothing that three showers, some berocca, a fryup and a dip in the sea at Coogee didn't cure. :)


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