01 January, 2006

Happy New Year!!


Welcome to 2006!

I spent part of the night on Little Manly beach watching Sydneys New Year Fireworks at 9 o'clock, and then we all went to Manly Beach for New Year proper!...I hope you all enjoyed your cold one in UK!!

New Years day bought the second hottest day in Sydneys recorded history, 44c.. it was so hot, that some of the most ferocious bushfires have been raging just north of Sydney.Img_2112_1
We spent a few hours on the beach, but had to get back in once the sandflys annoyed us too much..

Anyway New Years Resolutions.. Have you made any?? I am just gonna stick to the ones I made when I turned 30.. also lose my fat belly! Also want to get a really great job this year too... Let me know what you guys are going to do!!


  1. Happy New Year to you too!

    The Oz fire works on the bridge looked amazing although not as good as the London eye ones I reckon!

    Cheers for the Txt on new years. I hope you got the reply.

    Looking forward to the mass email.


  2. Hi there

    Just came across your blog & I'm really enjoying it! My name is Tanja and I'm a 32 year old South African, I moved to the U.S. just over three years ago and in September got married to a wondeful guy. I live in Virginia. I also laugh at 'life after 30'. I thought it would all just come to an end, but it's been a really exciting next chapter in my life. Keep up the good news on your website (your photos are lovely).

  3. Just to fill you in on New Year in Spain.
    Dec 30th have shower slip on wet surface bang big toe in plug hole lose toe nail.
    Dec 31 have great meal in the flat and go to the harbour for new year. Spanish don't celebrate New Year!!! Walking home your mum fell backwards into me - such a suprise,
    was not able to stop myself and splattered my nose all over a Spanish kerb stone.
    Jan 1 painful day
    Jan 2 go to harbour side restaurant. Three of us have a pickled sardine type tapas. Nigel does not.
    Jan 3 Three of us have food poisoning . Nigel does not.
    Jan 4 good day
    Jan 5 good day
    Jan 6 raining but no matter as we came home.
    Hope your year started better than mine!!!