05 December, 2005

New Haircut

New Haircut
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Another day another dollar at work!! Its a pretty easy job, but everytime I try and promote myself to the dizzy heights of actually helping people out in the Tech Support side of things, I get told to just log the calls.

Its really annoying, but then again thats what I was hired for.. all at the amazing rate of $18 per hour...

So what I have to do is just answer the bloody phones and listen to the moans and make a 'promise' that Tech Support will get back to you 'ASAP'... mmmmm whatever!!

Anyway I go out with a few of the Guys from work most Fridays, and its pretty good. Just a few beers and a chat, then on to other things. Last Friday was pretty good!!

Zena had a phonecall off Jodie, the girl who turned us down for a place in her house! She was wondering what we were up to Friday night, as it was her birthday.. well, we couldnt refuse a few drinks!! So we met up in the Manly Wharf Hotel (hotel being the name for most pubs in the country) and got talking.. Jodie & Gordon, two londoners over here for about a year, Coleen (I think that was her name.. unfortunatley I didnt talk to her much...) and Alistair, the Guy from Worcester.

Everyone was pretty cool really.. and obviously I was chatting to Gordon & Ali most of the night, as I haven't had a good guys night out in ages!! Obviously chatting to Ali, after all he is from my hometown, and he knows Olie (who doesn't..) and used to work in Heros behind the bar, so I'm sure he knows all of my brothers buddies back there...

Anyway we drank a lot of beer, and finished in the Steyne at 02:00.. went home, and woke up with the worst hangover ever!! I suffered ALL day long.. it was terrible!

Anyway Zena went out for a haircut, and she was a bit worried about it... But she came back looking AMAZING!! I love it!! The fringe and the cut is just brilliant.. shes still getting used to it though!


  1. Zena ur new haircut is lush!!! i was thinking about getting a fringe and urs looks so good i think i might (Thats if can afford to go to the hairdressers!!!)
    u look so lovelly in that photo. i miss u sooo much.
    i can't wait til u get back!!!
    i've put loads more photos on my msn space...check it out...there's pictures of karl kennady!!! we went to watch him at the walkabout pub, he was playing with his band. it was sooo amazing!!!
    and we had dinner there and Phil ate a kangaroo burger...i couldn't believe it - kangaroo in a burger!!! its crazy!!!
    do ppl in australia really eat kangaroos? and if so have u or jez tried it? i think jez should...
    tho they must be pretty hard to catch cos they'd always be hopping all over the place...poor kangaroos!!!
    btw. are u watching neighbours? i missed it the past couple of days but i know what happens...a certain family gets killed in a plane crash and 2 other ppl fake their deaths...if thats already happened in australia then let me know and also tell me the other stuff thats happening (i like to ruin it for phil as he's ruined it for me in the past and he told me what happens in season 3 of the oc!!!)
    well anyway. its late.
    lots and lots of love,

    ps. chanel sends her love and says she's having a ball but is missing u lots.

  2. Love your new haircut ze. Everyone at work thinks you look gorgeous - some say just like me!(or as i was about a million years ago?) You sound so happy so you must both be doing something right. Father Christmas came to school today, which means christmas holiday is only a day away. x x x