19 December, 2005

Work Party

Christmas Shopping!! Don't you just hate it? I am quite lucky really this year. Gonna send Mum & Dad, Oli & Sara a really nice pressie from Oz in the New Year, and its all about sorting Zena out really!!

So we went around Paddington Markets and Sydney City on Saturday. It was busy, but not that bad really.. not compared to UK!! Sorted everything out!

The company I work for had there Christmas Party on Saturday night. There making a fair amount of cash right now, so we were lucky to have it in Sydney Aquarium. As a temp, I didn't get a Christmas Pressie off them, but I thought, I am going to the party, even its just for a free feed and some booze! It was actually alright, until they get to the 'Presentations' part of the night, and everyone has to pretend to find the in-jokes really funny!


Anyway after we went to Cargo Lounge, one of the employees brother owns the place, and its in to the posh part for the rest of the night!! So up to now I have spent NOTHING, but in here it all starts getting a little more expensive!! $8 spirits, and I have only gone out with $70... One of the Managers, says he will sort me out with a taxi with him back to Manly, but he gets thrown out early!! hahaha!! So I stick around until close, and as I need to get back to Manly (without paying $60 on a taxi) I end up on Oxford Street, trying to find a bar we can go to until 7 when we have a chance to go to another bar for free drinks!! I am only here, coz I am going to get a free lift home... anyway there are 6 guys trying to get in to pubs at 5:00 in the morning.. it not going to happen!

Home at 05:30 and sleep until midday and spend the rest of the day on the beach!!


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