31 January, 2006

Jilly & Roger

Le Kiosk
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My Mum & Dads good friends Jilly & Roger are on a trip around Australia at the moment and, as they arrived in Sydney on Friday, we decided we should go out for Jillys Birthday.. Anyway we all went to Le Kiosk which is a beautiful restaurant on our favourite beach, Shelley Beach!

We all had a great time!! The food was gorgeous, and the wine was amazing!! It was really good to see my Godmother after all this time, and Me and Zee hope they have a great trip around Oz!!

26 January, 2006

Australia Day

Thursday 26th January, known to millions across Oz as Australia Day.. Loved for the fact that its one of Oz's Public Holidays. Known to some Aussies as Invasion Day or Survival Day...
AustraliaDay.com.au has this to say:

From the earliest white settlement at the end of the 18th century, Australians have striven to celebrate a national
day, and in so doing, define what it means to be Australian. January 26 has traditionally marked the landing of Captain
Arthur Phillip at Port Jackson in present-day Sydney, thereby claiming Australia for the British Empire. [...]
Though it has often been criticised, it remains the most inclusive celebration of a national day in Australia [...] Whereas once it celebrated the staunchly British nature of Australian society (or was
disparaged for this approach), it now embraces multicultural Australia, including all ethnic backgrounds, racial
differences and political viewpoints.

Interesting... As I have the day off, As i am now working, me and Zena has decided to go into Sydney and see whats on... Also its the day that JJJ release there Hottest100...

23 January, 2006

Palm Beach

Me and Zena had another lazy weekend in Sydney.. Went up to Palm Beach
(AKA Summer Bay for you Home and Away afficiandos!!) and sunbaked all
day.. as we were going to leave, we saw all these amazing Sand Castles, so I took a few photos.. (there are more on my Flickr page)
Its amazing what people can do!!

Sunday was another sunbaking day.. All day on Shelley Beach, and in the evening I cooked a great Cassoulet for some friends. Then we went to the pub.. As we went to Cerutis, Zena thought she knew the person on the door. He said he used to be in Home and Away, and straight away Zena was, "Oh My God.. Its Blake!!"

Yes, Blake is working on the door in a pub in Manly...

18 January, 2006

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Thanks to the Digg Effect .. I have decided to open a WordPress blog. I have my Typepad blog, My Livejournal account, and I tried Blogger (but hated it).. But WordPress is getting loads of reviews right now.. and I thought I would see if its worth having!!

Anyone going to Comment?? I doubt it..

Bond Party

Me and Zena were invited to a James Bond Party on Sunday. One of Danni's friends 30th (i think...) Anyway we were discusing what to go as... I wanted to go as Felix Leiter (James Bonds CIA contact), but he had his arm and leg bitten off.. then it was Jack Wade (another CIA guy), who wears Hawaiian Shirts and a Panama Hat.. but we couldn't find a cheap Panama anywhere.

Then I had this idea to go as underwater James Bond.. I had the mask.. I had the boardies... I need a rash vest and a knife, as well as an underwater breather!! Rash vests were too expensive, so I used my Thermal from Snowboarding which looked similar, and made the knife from Cardboard and Tinfoil..

Zena had the best idea though... Miss Money Penny!!  See us here!

17 January, 2006

Sydney Festival

Went up to the Outlet Stores in Auburn, Sydney on Saturday. Zena has decided she wants to make the most of free trial periods at the Gym, so wanted some shorts and a top. Nike had a pair of $40 ladies runing shorts for $10, and Adidas had a $20 top for $10.. Not bad!! My girlfriend sure is a good Bargain Hunter..

Sydney Festival 2006 is currently on here, but its raining everyday! Never mind, whenever I go to a music festival, it part of my contract that I have to expect rain...

Saturday night bought one of the most heavily attended parts, the free Jazz in the Domain. With excellent New Orleans Jazz bands, "Preservation Hall Jazz Band , the big sound of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and the Mardi Gras excitement of Terrance Simien"

They were outsanding and the Domain was packed!! It makes me want to go to New Orleans some time and watch the Mardi Gras!!

We wanted to go to the Outdoor Cinema last night and watch the preview of "Memoirs of a Geisha", but it was pouring with rain,. So we are going to watch the preview of "Brokeback Mountain" on Wednesday instead (weather permitting) ...

12 January, 2006

09 January, 2006

Manly Scenic Walkway

  Manly Scenic Walk - Taking Photos 
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After a terrible weeks weather here in Sydney, the weekend finally brightened up for another beach weekend! So on Saturday me and Zee were down on Manly beach, to soak up the rays.. until it started raining 30 minutes later. It was going to be one of those days, as only an hour passed until it was gorgeous blue skys again. This time we decided to head to the decking... Big waves were heading in, and it was fun to lie there and occasionally we get splashed! Until we got really soaked.. :(

So instead of going to the beach on Sunday, we decided to do the Manly-Spit Bridge Scenic Walk. Its about 9.5km and a great way for a little exercise. It was a beautiful day, and I took my little Canon and Zee her 35mm, and we took loads of photos!! Had loads of fun..

Oh yeah as I was looking for a link for the walk, found this guy. 91 years old, and hes walked every street in every suburb in Sydney and a photo to prove it!!As 7 News says, "Australia's Forrest Gump"

05 January, 2006

New Year Resolutions

So whats everyones New Years resolutions? I have decided this year just to carry on my thirtieth birthday resolutions..

Which are:
1. No More Smoking!
Get Fit & Stay Fit
Manage my cash
Keep a life journal

I am doing OK on most of these.. I am saving for our trip around Oz and the USA, and also I haven't smoked in ages!! My Blog is getting better and better (IMHO), but the one that is letting me down is getting fit.

I have to. I want to get rid of my fat belly! Zena got me a surf lesson for christmas, and I am going to get it cracked, but I need to be fitter!! I started running in November, and I have been on and off... from now on its at least 4 times a week.

The bookies are taking bets now... 2/1 fail by February.. 1/4 keep going forever..

P.S monthly email has been sent.. lets see some replies or comments please!! its good to hear whats happening back home!

01 January, 2006

Happy New Year!!


Welcome to 2006!

I spent part of the night on Little Manly beach watching Sydneys New Year Fireworks at 9 o'clock, and then we all went to Manly Beach for New Year proper!...I hope you all enjoyed your cold one in UK!!

New Years day bought the second hottest day in Sydneys recorded history, 44c.. it was so hot, that some of the most ferocious bushfires have been raging just north of Sydney.Img_2112_1
We spent a few hours on the beach, but had to get back in once the sandflys annoyed us too much..

Anyway New Years Resolutions.. Have you made any?? I am just gonna stick to the ones I made when I turned 30.. also lose my fat belly! Also want to get a really great job this year too... Let me know what you guys are going to do!!