18 January, 2006

Bond Party

Me and Zena were invited to a James Bond Party on Sunday. One of Danni's friends 30th (i think...) Anyway we were discusing what to go as... I wanted to go as Felix Leiter (James Bonds CIA contact), but he had his arm and leg bitten off.. then it was Jack Wade (another CIA guy), who wears Hawaiian Shirts and a Panama Hat.. but we couldn't find a cheap Panama anywhere.

Then I had this idea to go as underwater James Bond.. I had the mask.. I had the boardies... I need a rash vest and a knife, as well as an underwater breather!! Rash vests were too expensive, so I used my Thermal from Snowboarding which looked similar, and made the knife from Cardboard and Tinfoil..

Zena had the best idea though... Miss Money Penny!!  See us here!


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