31 January, 2006

Jilly & Roger

Le Kiosk
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My Mum & Dads good friends Jilly & Roger are on a trip around Australia at the moment and, as they arrived in Sydney on Friday, we decided we should go out for Jillys Birthday.. Anyway we all went to Le Kiosk which is a beautiful restaurant on our favourite beach, Shelley Beach!

We all had a great time!! The food was gorgeous, and the wine was amazing!! It was really good to see my Godmother after all this time, and Me and Zee hope they have a great trip around Oz!!

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  1. Sup Jezmond, hows it hangin yo'll.
    Just thought I'd write you a quick note to say hello. Southampton is pretty quiet at the mo, no major big parties or nowt. But hey I've got 3rd yr shit to do so I should really be out till all hours anyways. Big one this weekend tho, Mike E, Emma, Mike R, Kate, Toby, Gareth, Jonny the Welder, Matty Boom, Ben and Me (Siy & Lou are off to Lake Tahoe, the bastards) are all off to Warmwell dryslope in Dorset for a boarding comp. It had an overhall last year and got covered in 400 thousand pounds of the finest snowflex Britton Engineering could come up with, its well nice. We went down last sun night and it was so cold when the sprinklers were on the water froze to the slope and when you put the anchors on you got spray just like snow, and covered in slushy snow! Were gonna enter the Team Jib event as the Yellowsnow Warriors or something?! Anyway, everyones coming over to Yellowsnow Towers and the comp to ride and get pist, should be a blast, shame your off around the world bud, it would have been nice to have to and Zena here to. I'll try and send you some photos next week, if I don't, remind me.
    Better go it's late and i have to work at Legends tmw, selling boards and hangin out! Such a hard life! Take it easy yo'll, say hi to Zena for me and keep it real. Word.