05 January, 2006

New Year Resolutions

So whats everyones New Years resolutions? I have decided this year just to carry on my thirtieth birthday resolutions..

Which are:
1. No More Smoking!
Get Fit & Stay Fit
Manage my cash
Keep a life journal

I am doing OK on most of these.. I am saving for our trip around Oz and the USA, and also I haven't smoked in ages!! My Blog is getting better and better (IMHO), but the one that is letting me down is getting fit.

I have to. I want to get rid of my fat belly! Zena got me a surf lesson for christmas, and I am going to get it cracked, but I need to be fitter!! I started running in November, and I have been on and off... from now on its at least 4 times a week.

The bookies are taking bets now... 2/1 fail by February.. 1/4 keep going forever..

P.S monthly email has been sent.. lets see some replies or comments please!! its good to hear whats happening back home!


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