23 January, 2006

Palm Beach

Me and Zena had another lazy weekend in Sydney.. Went up to Palm Beach
(AKA Summer Bay for you Home and Away afficiandos!!) and sunbaked all
day.. as we were going to leave, we saw all these amazing Sand Castles, so I took a few photos.. (there are more on my Flickr page)
Its amazing what people can do!!

Sunday was another sunbaking day.. All day on Shelley Beach, and in the evening I cooked a great Cassoulet for some friends. Then we went to the pub.. As we went to Cerutis, Zena thought she knew the person on the door. He said he used to be in Home and Away, and straight away Zena was, "Oh My God.. Its Blake!!"

Yes, Blake is working on the door in a pub in Manly...


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