27 February, 2006

Moving back to Aunty’s

After getting back from Hunter Valley, we have mostly been saving money ready for our trip away. So every weekend was at the beach, enjoying the Sun and the sea. Also packing..

We have now moved back to Zenas Aunty Gails and Uncle Rogers place in Frenchs Forest. Just 30 minutes walk from where I work, and a bus into the city for Zena. Its real nice of Gail & Roger letting us do this.

Moving back allows us to sort out what we need, and what we don't. Zena has already done a bit of a sort out. I need to sort out my things as well, before I courier back my snowboard bag to the UK with all my spare stuff.. Its going to be a issue though. Ten months away, and you soon accumulate rubbish.

For instance all my books.. What am I going to do with them?? How I am actually sorting this out is with BookCrossing. What is BookCrossing?
bookcrossing n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.

I had gone and bought about 10 fiction titles from Vinnies a couple of months ago. I finsihed them all by Friday. (I know.. I read too quickly.. Some people tell me I never took it all in. Believe me, if I am reading for pleasure then I did...) So I labelled them all up and dropped them all off on benches along Manly Sea-front. Then I went to the shops.... On my way home, I actually watched one kid about 15, read the back of one of my favourite books [Bryce Courtenay - The Power of One], realise its free and then put it in his bag!!


  1. haha..thats cool about the books, does zena do that with all her books too? oops did i say books? i meant to say fashion magazines!! hee hee
    sounds like your having a lovelly time...am ever so jealous about you going to the beach!!! i'm living in wales and its really cold....the (kinda) mountain opposite us had snow on it for about a week...but we haven't had any on our side of the valley :(

  2. Thats great Jay to leave your books on a bench for anyone to pick up, especially 15 year kids is great. I hope he gets the same pleasure you do out of reading Lots of love Mumxx
    P.S. where are we supposed to send your book we have bought for you on to!!!!!!!!!!