06 February, 2006

Surf Lessons

Zena got me this great xmas pressy.. SURF LESSONS!! I finally got around to using it the other day, and had my first experience at surfing on Manly Beach.. The lesson was 2hours long, and included the use of a big foam board, and a wetsuit/rashvest. Basically had a warmup, and then was taught how to jump on to a board, and then they said, "Right lets get in the water and give it a go!!" (or i could have looked here...!!)

So after i swallowed half the ocean, and spat it back out.. I finally managed to stand up. For about 10 seconds... then i fell in again!! It was real fun though!Gonna try it again (otherwise I will never hear the end of it from Lanners) .. it should be cheaper than Snowboarding (once I have a board and wetsuit) dont have to pay for a liftpass!! More photos at Flickr

Also here are this years Superbowl Adverts on Google Video

Also have created an account at 30boxes.com - its a brilliant online calander. Works really well. If you want to view friends/family schedules, without the world seeing then come and create an account and ask jezarnold to share..

Finally .. I am coming up to 100 comments on the blog!! Who is it going to be? lets have a little contest.. what shall we see as the prize?? postcard from Oz??


  1. Hello.
    well i think we all know i'm only doing this cos i want to be number 100....lol...i'm deeply insulted that i haven't yet recieved a postcard from australia!!!
    It sounds like you're having a wonderful time...i'm so jealous...all it does in wales is rain...
    I love reading ur blog...i know i don't comment often but i check it every few days and i think ur doing a fantastic job at keeping it updated!!!
    its even in my favourites list!!
    On saturday i spent all day at a pub in Cardiff watching the rugby-we beat them 47 to 13!!!!!!!
    and scotland beat france so we might have a chance of winning overall!! woop woop!!
    could you please remind Roger on my behalf about when we beat australia in the rugby...ooo and dont forget the ashes!!!
    well i hope ur well.
    ooo and get zena to comment some more on my msn page.
    love Lara

  2. no. 100 Am I???? Good surfing picture mate, but we all know you are about to stack it head first in about half a second in that pic (you don't fool me!).

  3. Go on Arnie

    Nice to hear your having a good time mate and surf those narly waves dude, ps any chance of some topless pics?

    Wah Wah Wah