20 March, 2006


Zena, Jez and Koala
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Linda is Zenas old boss from when she worked in Southampton. Kiwi by birth, with Irish parents, and now living in Brisbane, Australia. Gary is her husband, working as the head of a Business Analyst unit. These two love travelling, and Zee had arranged for us to stay with them for the weekend.

And what a weekend! They showed us the sights of Brisbane and looked after us really well, with some wonderful meals, and some of the most amazing hospitality shown to us ever!!

Started the weekend by taking us to this Mountain that overlooks Brisbane, and then back home. They have a great apartment on one of the ridgelines in Brizzie, that itself has the best views. There flat is stunning. Pretty much a smarthouse, with switches to turn lights on in different areas. Gary loves his movies and music, so has this brilliant home theatre. Gary also loves to cook, and made us all a wonderful meal on Saturday night.

Sunday saw us getting up early for a nice walk to get our appetites up. We got the Brisbane CityCat down to South bank. South Bank used to be industry and wasteland, until the city bought it for the venue for 1988 World Expo. Since then it has been turned into Parks, climbing and Beaches. It also has superb Arts centres. We walked all along here to the main city itself. We then headed for some Breakfast.

The afternoon saw me and Zena getting dropped off at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Its the first and biggest Koala sanctuary in the world, and has an amazing collection of Australian wildlife. Obviously, Zenas maternal instincts came out whenever she sees cuddly animals. These Koalas were no less cute, and she was telling me her plans to 'borrow' one longterm. She said the park people wouldn't notice. I managed to convince her otherwise, by getting some pictures with her cuddling one. The Koala showed Zena her affection, by nearly pooing on her! :)

After our Kangaroo hunt last week (by hunt, I mean explore..) we finally managed to get up close and personal by feeding them. Finally we saw one of the Sheep Farmers, come and give us a demonstration of rounding sheep. (not that I have never seen this before, thanks to Grandad and Uncle Geoff)

We finished the day by heading back to Linda and Garys place, to see Brisbane at night-time. Very impressive..

Now we are in Byron Bay for the next few days, staying at the Arts Factory Hostel in a tent next to a lake (read: Swamp) .. I will let you know what the Mossie bites are like in a few days!


  1. Hahaha.....What Jez doesnt know is that I have the koala in my backpack....its coming on our travels with me and I am going to take him back to meet Chanel....hehehe

  2. HaHa!!!
    good work zena!!! i can't wait to meet the koala....
    that photo is soooo cute....i hope u stole me a koala too!!!!!
    u know what u should get tho...a bunny rabbit...and house train it!!!!!
    then u'll have bunny, a cat and a koala!!! how cool would that be!!!
    that photo is totally lush tho!!! i'm so jealous!!!
    I'm so proud that i won the 100 comment competition! YAY!!!
    Zena has my address cos i emailed it to her a few weeks ago...it would prob be safer getting it that way than posting it on the internet (or as they say in wales on tinternet....really...they all call it the tinternet!!!)
    have fun in fiji!!