31 March, 2006

Finding Nemo at Blue Lagoon

Fiji_018Have you ever been on a flight and an annoucement asking, "Do we have a doctor on board? Please come to the back of the plane?" ... We were! First time.. pretty weird!
Anyway we have arrived in Fiji, and after a quick night in Nadi Bay Hotel we caught the Yasawa Flyer up to the Blue Lagoon. The frst two nights saw us staying at Coral View, the next at Sunrise and finally a couple of nights of luxury at Oarsmans Bay.
Fiji is beautiful! Bright blue seas, white sandy beaches, super friendly staff and the snorkelling in the coral reefs is amazing. Unfortunately I still have not found Nemo!
We have purchased a Bula Pass which allows you unlimite movement between the islands on the Big Yellow Boat (Yasawa Flyer), and we decided on our first couple of nights at Coral View. The staff greeted us with the Bula Bula song (now my fave Fijian tune). Its a great resort, but the showers were disgusting.. The food was pretty good, and its included in the price, after all its not as if you can pop to the supermarket up here...
We spent an afternoon at the Blue Lagoon, which was amazing and made us move to our next resort Sunrise. Unfortunately Sunrise was not very good. The food was terrible, the bed linen had not been washed and the springs were sticking into our back. However the view of the sunrise was amazing.. as was our mini-trek through the jungle to Blue Lagoon beach again. However we decided to move to Oarsmans Bay later that day..
WOW!! what a great decision.. Ok its an extra F$26 per night each, but its fabulous! Easily the best beach yet, and amazing coral reefs. The staff are really friendly, and the food is gorgeous. Even the dorm is great with brand new mossie nets, and a breeze through all night! I even tried Kava whilst we were here. Kava is a mens drink, with mild narcotic properties and makes your mouth numb! Its drunk with a formal ceremony, when the men of the village chat about things.. Its ok, nothing like a bottle of Becks!
To get around all these resorts, we have to get a water taxi which is a little different, but a lot more interesting than a black cab. Especially when flying fish start jumping out of the water next to you!
We ended up staying two days in Oarsmans and on the final morning, we went to Nacula Village to see the fijian village, shell market and the school. The school was great and the kids sang to us!

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  1. When I was in Fiji, the staff decided I was an honorary "man", I guess. When someone would go to give me kava, they would say "full tide for that one" (full bowl). We stayed up till the wee hours many nights drinking kava with the staff at our resort.

    But you are right, we went to a "party" at one of the staff's houses and his entire family was there. The men were drinking kava and the women were sitting with the kids. I was made to sit with the men and drink kava. They wanted us to tell them all about the internet. I was surprised at how different a "party" is for them. They spend a lot of time sitting in silence and it was hard not to be the American wanting to fill that silence.

    Kava mostly just made me need to pee.