17 March, 2006

Last day at Work in Sydney

Its 5:30 Friday 17th March, and its my last day at Hubb.

For all those who are having a look through my blog from Hubb, leave me a comment. Thanks to those who came out for Drinks on Wednesday... Sorry I wasn't going out on St Patricks day, but there is no way I am going to fly with a hangover on Saturday Morning..

Look after yourselves.. Like I said, "If you are ever looking for a job in the UK... I know someone in South London who needs some Cleaners" :)

Its been great working with you all!


  1. Hi Jez

    We will miss you at HUBB. Ive just had a look around your site, wow so many things to read and see he he!
    Keep up with your goals! I see you have loosing weight as one of them, you look great these days and your hair style is much better *he he* As i said i've been going through some of the photos on your site, and i can see the improvement LOL

    I'll keep in touch via the site and try have a look at more things!!


  2. On your way Pomme! haha! You have been great and we do miss your pomme accent! As per 'normal'... have a great #@$^%$^ing time!!!!

    Joe who!?