03 March, 2006

Longer Fiji trip


Instead of doing the tried and tested tourist route up the East Coast, we have changed our minds. We were stressing about this the other week, and we have done a load of research, but instead we are going to....

Spend Eighteen Days in FIJI!! Wooohooo

Why?? Well Zena has done the East coast route loads of times. It was never really on our must see's in Australia. We wanted to head up the West Coast instead, except its a bit pricey to get over there. So instead of going to Fraser Island (biggest Sand Island in the world) and the Whitsundays (Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef) we are going to the Yasawas Islands, and tropical jungle and waterfalls in the Cannibal Islands.. We are still going to Byron and Brizzie for a few days before we leave.

Plus its cheaper... :)

After that its on to the USA on Thursday 13th April, for forty days and forty nights..!! for our Huge Road Trip!!

.. still back on Saturday 20th May (surf party in Cornwall anyone??)


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