06 March, 2006

Mardi Gras

Gay_cowboys_mardi_gras_1We have been staying at Gail & Rogers house for a week now, which is great!! They are so kind, to let us stay for a few weeks free of charge!!

At the weekend though, we wanted to go and see some friends of ours over in Manly. Our old housemate Danni, invited us and some others over for a meal, which was pretty cool. Dannis living with a new couple now :( they are Slovakian, and love WODKA!!.... a few (read more than 5) shots and the two longnecks.. I was feeling pretty ropey!!

So on Saturday i woke up with a hangover.. and today was Mardi Gras!! Not any old Mardi Gras either... Its the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Zena went when she was here last time and had the most fun time ever.. The Sydney Gay and Lesbian community LOVE showing off, and this parade is no exception. An outrageous dress sense, and more transvestites per square mile than SoHo, made this parade brilliant.

It started off with Dykes on Bikes.. must have been over 100 Lesbians on motorbikes, revving it up. every Police Officer there must have had the bikes revved up real loud next to them! Then the parade on all the different floats, which were really colourful. I must have heard the Love Generation song about 5 times... We met up with Jodie & Gordon (and Gordans Mum) and just watched the parade and had some beers! Fun times..

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  1. Sounds absolutley fantastic!!!
    next time i have a hangover (not that i drink alcohol...) i'll know that the cure is a gay and lesbian mardi gras!!! lol!!
    ur blog is so awesome!!
    far more impressive than mine...i never really know what to say...so i tell the story through photos!!!
    dont know how regularly zena checks them but tell her theres 3 new albums up there; army night out, cheerleading and school disco!!!
    and of course 2morrow is my birthday so after then they'll prob be an album of that too!!!
    heres the link:
    click on the name of the album to bring up a list of all the albums, and to make the pics bigger just click on 'slideshow'.