30 April, 2006

Back in LA..

Img_4101 After a great drive back down the Pacific Coast Highway, via one of the Central Coast wine regions, we arrived back in Long Beach. Ordered some pizza for us all, as a thank you for Danni and La Rue for showing us around California and also Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon!!

The next morning we said goodbye to them both, and headed on the LA Metro to Koreatown to pick up our driveaway car. They had two cars leaving Los Angeles. A Volvo S60 was heading to Chicago, and a Toyota Matrix was heading to New York. As the Toyota had a smaller engine, we went with that. However we weren't allowed to take it until Sunday. So for the rest of the day we explored Hollywood!

Hollywood, the place where movies are no longer made (Its Burbank now..), but it still has its walk of Stars, and some touristy places.. We even did a tour of the L. Ron Hubbard Exhibition. Ron is the founder of Scientology (well, actually he just came up with the principles of how to lead your life) and its quite a decent exhibition. You can't just wander around, its a guided tour. Anyway its quite interesting... Unfortunately Scientologys got its problems. Some people think its an organised business masquerading as a religion!! Apparently his son also said that "99% of what my father ever wrote or said about himself is totally untrue" ...

Headed on the Metro buses to Venice Beach that night and stayed in the Cadillac Hotel. Its a dorm, but its got a great location. Next morning we wandered the Venice Boulevard, and I met up with Jasper and his mates later for a beer and a catch up!

Now, we were meant to pick the car up Sunday.. but we thought as long as its after close of business Saturday, it would be ok!! So after a long bus journey downtown, and then a metro to Koreatown, we picked our driveaway up at 5pm and drove on to Barstow, CA...

Route 66 here we come!!


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