12 April, 2006

The Beachhouse

Sunsetfrontbeach_1 After our ten days on the Yasawa Islands and rapidly running down our budget, we decided to head back to the mainland and head to the Coral Coast, and one particular little resort we had been recommended. The beachouse..

Wow.. if only we had a little advice before we came to Fiji.. We would have just come here for a budget trip, and White Sandy Beach and Oarsmans Bay on the Yasawas. Three amazing spots!!

Its a great spot. About two hours away from Nadi (approx F$7 on the bus) and another two hours on to Suva. Owned by a kiwi couple, but run by the local village.. its really easy to relax in the numerous hammocks, and maybe make a little coconut jewellery if you want! Still even though relaxing is on the cards daily, we still have managed to vist the local town of Sigatoka, and also the capital Suva. We did some souvenir shopping, and I managed to get a salad bowl at a bargain F$25, until I saw a similar one in Jacks (massive souvenir store) for F$15...

Met a few great couples here.. Matthew and Sarah-Jane from McKay, Australia (formerly London), Andy and Rachel from SE London and Ian and Vanessa (from London).. I am seriously falling in love with the great Sunsets, and the really comfortable dorms! AirCon is just not needed when the fans are so great!! plus its half the price of the islands. Only F$25 per night, and the meals are priced really well, and optional..

Anyway we leave tomorrow. Shame, but we are catching Thursday 13th April 23:20 flight (NZ 20) Nadi - LAX. We get in at 15:00 the same day? whats that all about.. we actually go back in time ;)

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  1. Going back in time hey - you really are making the most of your travels aren't you! Looks like you're having a great time although I'm quite dissapointed in Zena by the fact that she's not coming home for easter, she should make more of an effort.
    Anyway, have fun wherever you're off to next (America?) and I'll see you in May (when I'll finally have my dissertation finished!).


    P.S. Thanks for the Byron Bay stuff Zena: can't think why you thought of me when you went there either.