06 April, 2006

Bounty - a Taste of Paradise

Fiji_102_1As we have been so impressed with the snorkelling in the Yasawa Islands, we decided that we were going to White Sandy Bay and snorkel a plane wreck.
We got to the resort of the island of Naviti, and it was beautiful. Traditional Fijian Bures, and we went for a double here (its only F$20 extra per night). We arrived that day for a traditional Fijian Lovo, which is when the cook the meal underground. It was damn tasty...
Unfortunately they couldn't get the fuel for our snorkelling trip, so after a couple of nights there we moved on to Bounty Island.
Its the home of Celebrity Love Island (the reality TV show for third rate celebrities), and costs F$87 per night. I thought it was a bit over priced compared to everywhere else we have been, especially when we were put into a warehouse as our dorm with no mossie nets. The food wasn't even that good. Here we also discovered that there is a bout of Conjunctivitis going around Fiji at the moment, with one in ten travllers getting it ( I woke up today with a sore eye..) I have also grazed my foot playing volleyball and stepped on some coral, so i have a little limp on my left foot... (sympathy please)
Anyway we explored the island by canoe, and eventually stayed the whole day on the pier used in the TV show. Loads of sword fish in the water meant it was a day of sunbaking. Also that evening I got forced to sing Viva Las Vegas in the karaoke, and came first!
The following day saw us take advantage of our Free night on the Wana Taki Cruise, so we headed up to meet the big boat. We were actually given a double instead of a dorm for the night.. Its ok! Its nice to be off sand for once.. and to be in air con!
Anyway we are back in Nadi now, and are heading for the Coral Coast this aternoon..

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  1. Wow, it really sounds like you guys picked a good route for your travels, it sounds amazing! Its funny but even though Im lucky enough to travel allot with work, Im never really free to just get up and move on! Fiji is now officially on my list of places to see.

    Looking forward to seeing you both soon, any plans on what you want to do for your birthday???