24 April, 2006

Death Valley

Img_3858The Grand Canyon was amazing, but we had to be gone by 16:30 to make it to Las Vegas, so that we could stay the night and then head on to Death Valley. It was at least a 6 hour drive...

I drove the interstate for a while, until it got dark, and we had arrived in Kingman. Then Danni drove, back across the Hoover Dam and onto Vegas about 9pm on a Saturday night. We started looking for a motel. We discovered quite soon that Vegas was pretty full.. so we drove onto the next town.

That was full too... So we drove onto the next town. Guess what?? Yep, no beds. We finally arrived in our destination which was Beatty, Nevada and the entrance to Death Valley. We went around every Motel and even the casino. No Beds available. We had one option left...

Zena had asked in the casino, jokingly, if it was okay to sleep on the lounge bar floor. The bartender said as long it was okay with his relief, then yeah! So after a few beers and some apple pie, me and Zena grabbed a sleeping bag and sleeping sheet and got some shut eye. Until Danni woke us up. She had slept in the car, but at 4am decided she needed the toilet, and locked herself out of the car..

We couldn't phone AAA (as they were 2 hours away in Vegas), and we couldn't phone the local Sheriff department until 7.. so Danni had to sleep on the floor next to us!! The Sheriff's Deputy came round at 7, and we headed on... to Death Valley!!

Death Valley National Park has the hottest, driest and lowest records in the USA, with an average rainfall of 2"... It was pretty cool to go around, but don't go in the summer... We saw salt flats, the Devils Golf Course and of course Badwater - the lowest spot in the USA.

After we had finished in Death Valley, we thought we may have time to get Sequioa National Park in California, but we arrived in Vallisia at 6pm. Everyday I have thought we could do more driving than this, but America is one big country!!


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