13 April, 2006

Fiji overview…

If I could have any superpower it would be hindsight. (or xray vision..)

We really loved Fiji, but I wished that I could have had some advice about where I should NOT have gone... there is so much to do everywhere you travel, but sometimes you just want to chill out on a holiday and have it all easy and perfect!

If someone had told me, "Don't bother with that Pass; get one way tickets. It works out cheaper" or "Don't bother with So and So Resort, the food is terrible" I would have asked why, and followed some local knowledge.

Thats one of the problems with going somewhere in the first place. Actually choosing the right places. Normally a combination of the Guidebooks, and recommendations means you can find a great little spot, but at sometimes you end up at a dive! Even the Guidebooks get it wrong sometimes (or they make a place soo amazing, that it is best to avoid..) I don't want to miss the pleasures of travelling, like finding that amazing restaurant/beach that no-one had ever been to before. I just want to avoid the blunders or errors that loads of travellers have come across..

I appreciate that to experience good things, you must have also suffered horrible things. Its a part and parcel of life. I just hate getting exploited :) Some of the locals see a foreign face, and its "Ker-ching.. $$$$'s".. perhaps we have been doing that for so long, its time for some payback!

Anyway.. Fiji. If you are going anytime soon, dont bother getting a Bula Pass as it definitlely works out cheaper going one way between a couple of nice resorts on different islands. Also I would avoid Sunrise Resort if you can (unfortunately its very heavily promoted by the Travel Agents in the Airport) The buses in Fiji are perfectly acceptable to get around, at very cheap prices. Dont expect to have drinking water anywhere. Let alone electricity or Internet!!

If you want a little luxury for a few days, go to Oarsmans Bay on Nacula Island, Yasawas. (F$81 pppn inc meals) Also we found the best budget resort on the Yasawas Islands as White Sandy Bay (F$55 pppn inc meals) In Nadi, the Nadi Bay Hotel is great (F$26 pppn with AirCon), and on the Coral Coast, spend a few nights at the Beachouse.. its superb. Went for three nights and spent a week! (F$25 pppn F$8 meals)


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