25 April, 2006

Giant Sequioas

Img_3898_1An early start for our trips to Sequioa & Kings Canyon NP and hopefully Yosemite. It's a great drive whichever way you go up to the National Park, and we were a bit concerned when we saw snow and mist on the edge of the road on the way up.
By the time we had got to the Giant Sequioa Museum, there was nothing to worry about. We had passed a few Giant Sequioas on the way up, but the museum was covered in snow and had an amazing Big Tree Trail.
If you look carefully you can see me in between these two huge trees!!
These trees are beautiful. They are so big and so old, with some of them more than 2000 years old.. I kept repeating, "Wow.." After a walk around the meadow where there must have been 50 of these Sequioa trees, we headed to the biggie... General Sherman!
Yes, a tree named after Sherman - Snowboard Meister of Yellowsnow fame! Its absolutley massive. 1300 tons.. more than 2300 years old, 31m in circumferance, 83m tall... its the largest tree in the world!

We left at 12:30 on the way to Fresno, and then Yosemite. But by the time we had got to the bottom of the hill, which was misty and snowy it was 2pm.. no time for Yosemite. On to San Francisco...


  1. Looks amazing the scenery WHAT AN EXPERIENCE YOU ARE HAVING please ring me on sundAY XXXX

  2. so u got to the rock. Was lefty there? Everyone i know who's been there says he is there selling his book!! you've got a copy signed by the only man who was released from the rock (all the others had to go to leavenworth first to finish their time - alcatraz was a punishment base) Union square's good as well we stayed on the square - did u go to the presidio?
    [removed]look after yourself

  3. A tank, and now the biggest tree in the whole world!!! Wow, thats so damn cool! But what else could you call the biggest tree in the world, there isn't any other name that that could be used for the biggest tree in the world, nothing comes close to the majesty, the prestige and the grandness of the name sherman! My name rocks!
    (I would just like to thank Miss Leggatt once again for christening me)

    Glad your having a good time guys, take care.