23 April, 2006

Grand Canyon

Img_3822_1One of the seven wonders of the Natural world, the Grand Canyon has to be seen to be believed! As we are doing a few National Parks in the USA we decided to get a $50 annual pass, and when you have three on the list (Grand Canyon, Sequioa, Yosemite), it already saves you money.

I wasn't expecting the sheer vastness of the canyon. The rim is at 7000 feet, the basin is a mile deep in places , and its 277 miles around.. As the official Grand Canyon website states,

"This canyon is a gift that transcends what we experience. Its beauty and size humble us. Its timelessness provokes a comparison to our short existence."

Unless you spend a few days there, all you can really do is drive from viewpoint to viewpoint, and some short walks. If you get the chance to ever go, try and book a day long mule ride that actually takes you inside the canyon itself. We walked about 2 miles in total, it still look us ages, because we were constantly taking photos. Also I was slightly petrified of slipping in.. The most asked question for Park Rangers is, "How many people die here each year?" (it ranges from one to many)

"If you don't have a photo, then you don't have a memory" is Danni and Zenas new phrase, which is taking the mickey out of me, as I am constantly taking photos. I must admit thought that the USA has some of the most memorable views ever.. Lucky people, you live in a great place.. No wonder only a quarter of you have left, there is loads to see inside your country!!

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  1. Very envious of the stop off in the states. Really want to do the coast to coast thing, will be looking forward to an update on this stage of the trip when you get back.

    When are you back, what date??? R u still planning on moving to the M4 corridor? Send us an email and let me know what your up to so we can hook up, it's been a while mate!