22 April, 2006

Route 66 to Williams, AZ

Img_3786 We left Las Vegas on Friday morning, on our way to the Grand Canyon. As it takes more than 6 hours to drive there, we decided to take a nice drive via the Hoover Dam and also a small section of Route 66.

Hoover Dam was built back in 1936, and its a pretty impressive structure. It provides water and electric to some of Arizona, Nevada and Los Angeles County. There is a big security check on the way in. We decided to not pay the $11 entrance and just explored the top instead. We soon arrived in Kingman, AZ.

This has a great Route 66 museum and its also the end of the longest uninterupted stretch of Route 66. We headed on through, and it wasn't long before we saw tumbleweed and trailer parks! We soon hit Hackberry, which has an old store and even older cars.. it was like stepping back in time! The next town, had without doubt the best Cheeseburger I have tried yet in the USA (forgot the name of the town!!)..

We finished the day by arriving in Williams, Arizona. This is the town for budget motels, and is one of the Gateway towns to the Grand Canyon. We went to the Route 66 Diner, and then Danni and Zena went out for a few drinks. I wish I had.. they had a so much fun!


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