30 April, 2006

Route 66

It's difficult to stop everyday and write an entry for the blog. Most motels have free hi-speed wireless connections, but I haven't got a laptop to utilise this.. so I haven't managed to find anywhere yet.

Until Amarillo... Its quite a big city in Northern Texas. Famous for the Cadillac Ranch and also the song made famous by Peter Kay for comic Relief... Anyway we went to the visitor centre today to ask where we could use ye olde tinternet. We were told the Public Library or Schlotskys Deli.. The library used PCs, but would not let anyone plug in an external device, and schlotskys use iMacs.. So i have 200 photos on my camera that I can't move to my iPod.. Thats why you don't have any piccys!!

Anyway I am going to write some entrys soon.. I am pre-dating this to the 30th April (the day we started our 9 day journey across to Fairport, NY via route 66) .. I will, when I get decent internet access, tell you what has happened each day on our amazing Route 66 adventure..


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