17 May, 2006

361 days away

after 361 days in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and the USA, our travels are finally over :(

06:30 Wednesday 17th May 2006 and me and Zena arrive back at London Heathrow, after a 6hour flight from JFK Airport NYC, in good old UK mist! I have gone to Zenas house in Somerset for a few days, and I will be back in Worcester next week. A week sorting things out, and then its time to find a new job and a house in the Reading Area!!

Anyway I will write a big review of my entire trip soon.. be prepared for a massive email. You don't have to read it though!! I will put the links through to my blog entrys, and of course its going to be on the blog as well.. Also don't forget my Flickr Photo albums .. New Zealand ... Australia ... Fiji ... USA!!

Anyway, I have to get off this internet now! Now that I am home, I don't want to spend forever on this thing anymore... :)

Will let you know my mobile number soon.. Keep in touch


  1. Arny,

    Just thought I would look you up and see how you were doing and I read your last entry and discovered you were back in the UK a couple of days ago. Well it looks like you had a pretty dam good time over the lasy year+. When your back in worc. give me a call and we can go for a couple of beers before you head down to reading. Have you spoken to lewie or steve yet?

    By the way just for interest you are the first Jez arnold you hit through yahoo search, what a claim to fame hey ?

    Hope to see you soon mate.


  2. Welcome home action man, get you booty down soton way soon and we can hook up for some beer and schnizzle, if thats not enough of an incentive, I'm building a miniramp in my back garden, and were gonna have a boys bbq night with just skating, food, beer and none of them bleeding girls!