25 May, 2006

The Future of this Blog

This blog was created back on April 03 2005, and back then the idea was to write a journal for when I was going travelling through NZ, Australia, Fiji and the USA. I had no idea what I was going to put within these hallowed pages! In fact I foresaw:
"Well this blog is gonna be showing you the highlights and downsides to travelling the english speaking world, as well as any of my rants about President Bliar and his New Labour crones... I'm gonna share my love of snowboarding with you. I'm also going to share with you my latest jokes.. strange but true happenings on the tinternet.. what books I have read.. which movies I have watched... what music have been listening to... what crap is on the TV this week.. and anything thing else that I can bother to share with you!"

It started off with little things about how the preperation was going.. Mostly the snowboarding prep for NZ.. A little note about my Girlfriend Zena.. something about my 30th Birthday .. but it soon started to be a little travel diary.

Thats whats it gonna continue as.. Jez Arnolds Traveling Experiences. Be they in the UK, or be they abroad in some fabulous city, or amongst the wilds of Africa.. Its just gonna be my travel blog. About me and Zena, and the wonderful things happening in our life (good n bad!)

Absolutley NO WORK or the boss may pull me up.. (unless I am leaving for pastures new!!) There may be a few bits on current affairs, nothing too boring though! I am sure you will all find it thrilling!! Let me know if you want anything different!

Anyway I am now back back and settled. My contact telephone number in the UK is +44 (0) 7970 869599 or email me.. if you don't know it, then leave me a comment! Look after yourselves!


  1. Top blogging Jez, been a great read..

    Hopefully our paths will cross in the future, if not - take it easy and i'll be checking up on you every now and then now I know how RSS works....

    God i'm sad.


  2. As a general rule, I find that it is a good idea not to blog about work. If I do ever blog about work, I do it in a "friends-only" LJ entry... an even then, I don't really blog about work. I don't trust the "friends-only" thing so much.

    I never blog anything "real" about work (I even removed the name of the company I work for from my About Me page).

  3. Im so sad. I have just read back over the past few months of our trip and looked at all our photos on your Flickr....and I cant quite believe our trip is over. I love looking at all the photos of our happy faces doing all those great things together. So i just want to say what a fantastic time I had with you my Jez and Im so pleased that we created those memories together that will last forever.
    I love you.

  4. Well, hopefully your future travel experiences will include coming to Canada for our wedding! Now that you've got a job sorted, you've got no excuse! lol!

    Loved reading your blog. You've even inspired this relatively anti-yank canadian to do a bit of travelling in the states!