01 May, 2006

Route 66 - Barstow CA to Flagstaff AZ

Img_4116 After staying the night in the Route 66 Motel in Barstow CA, we got up early the next morning for our 300 mile journey east!

As we got on the I-40 we saw loads of bikers heading back to California. We met up with a few later in Amboy CA, when we took a Route 66 detour and found out there was a huge biker festival and they were all heading home. Loads of Harleys roaring up the highway all day long!!

We took a few detours along the way, otherwise the route is interstate and its boring! We took the same Route 66 detour we took with Danni the week before, it was just as fun! We discovered the cruise control... it makes driving so easy!

That night we stayed in a Budget Inn at Flagstaff Arizona.. total mileage so far?? 719


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