11 June, 2006

England vs Paraguay

Me and Zena have finally got the house sorted.. well nearly :)

Our first guests were Sy & Chrystal. Both good friends from Uni, who live a 15 minute walk away, they came over when the place was a bit of tip! Fearless Phil also came over the other night to watch the opening game of the World Cup. This weekend though, we have had some of Zenas good friends from Southampton up, Jayme and Don! They are fortunate to have been our first guests to stay over as well in our spare room!

Anyway yesterday in the 30 degree heat, me and Don watched the England Vs Paraguay game on TV courtesy of our new cable box. Nice and cool sat indoors, and with England 1-0 up we headed to a pub in Caversham to catch the second half with Sy, Phil, Chrystal and her friends. It must be the best time to drive in Reading; there was not a car on the road! But there was no parking anywhere :(

It was nice to be out in the sun on such a nice day! Even a lacklustre performance by England didn't dampen our spirits. The BBC coverage of the game was great, but the online game performance is amazing. You have to see what BBC is doing for the coverage of every game. Obviously they are doing a match report and also the action as it happens, 10 photos of the game, you can rate the players (or the Ref) and see your views. But I think the highlight of BBC onlines World Cup coverage is the videos (must be on the ISP list) and also its Virtual Replay.

Virtual replay is a Flash app, and has full statistics, highlights in detail, as well as Player/default/referee camera angles which is great for seeing how a particular play went!! clever! well its not, but its very well executed which on my broadband connection is super speedy... :)

Now that the house is looking liveable, you are welcome to come and stay over.. give us a little warning please! We are looking forward to seeing friends and family, that we haven't seen whilst we have been away! Reading is only an hour away from most places in the UK - London, Southampton, Bristol and Worcester is only 1 hr 30 mins! Give me or Zena a call/email and we will see you soon..

House Warming Party once we get paid :) all welcome!!


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