17 June, 2006

England Vs Trinidad & Tobago

The hype for this years FIFA World Cup is going through the roof here in England!! I suppose it doesn't help that is being held in Germany, and the Germans have said, "Come on over! even if don't have tickets.. Its time to party!!"

And you know? No-one partys like the Germans :D

I lived in Germany for three years, and had a wonderful time! The beer is cheap, and the bars were open all night! To be fair, you didn't need to know much German except, "Ein bier bitte" or "Pommes mit mayo.." and its really hot there during the summer.. I imagine everyone is really enjoying themselves:)

Everyone is 100% behind England (except the Scots.. You know who a Scottish persons favourite two football teams are? Scotland and anyone playing England..), so its a little annoying to watch a game like the one that half the country knocked off work early to see on Thursday.

Some lucky B***tard (namely my little brother) was fortunate to have a mate, who knows someone who managed to get him a bloody ticket.. While me and Sy watched the first half in this deserted pub, where we had the big screen all to ourselves. There was nobody else in the room with us.. and considering the terrible performance, you could sort of understand. However, we headed into Reading for the second half and ended up in Bar Risa.

Bar Risa is Chav central! Its great to watch England matches, because everyone is really happy (unless they lose of course), but even in there there was a sense of WTF?!? When Rooney came on, the team suddenly seemed to change up a gear, but still no goals. Until the 83rd minute when Crouchy heads one in! Closely followed by Steven Gerard, with a typical strike to the back of the net! WoooooooHooooooo!!! Match Links courtesy of the BBC:

Next game England Vs Sweden.. We don't have to win this game, it all depends on where Germany come in there group...

In other news, I am looking for a car.. Cheap insurance, bit a little different.. Less than £1000 please! Any ideas?


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