10 June, 2006

My new house..

Sorry there hasn't been a posting for a while, but I have been a little busy.. Moving in to our new house!

After finally coming home to the UK after our amazing world tour, me and Zee are now settled in the town of Reading. Slap bang in the middle of the Silicon Valley in UK. Both of us working for massive IT companies (I would say, but I make a point NOT to mention my place of work online)

Its 9 days now in our new two bedroom terrace, and today the NTL guy came over and fitted us with cable and a 4mb Broadband connection. It all appears to be fine.. believe me its good having TV to zone out in front of after work sometimes!! I could go on the computer, but when there was no internet its a bit boring!!

I am loving our house (as is Zena), but little Chanel Sweetie is a bit scared. She is always hiding under the bed in the spare room, and crying. She really wants to go outside, but we have to keep her in for three weeks! A couple of trips to Tescos has filled the house with unnecessary things.. hey who cares!! I think the only bad thing we are having, is with our parking situation. Its bloody terrible!!

Anyway, the build up to the World Cup is now over.. Its on for real now!! I am looking forward to see England win some games, and hopefully go all the way!! Come on ROONEY!!

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  1. Are you in Cambridge? Is that the "silicon valley" of the UK? I ask because the company I work for (a software company) has a satellite office in Cambridge.