26 July, 2006

The blogs working!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my web host providers, who last night fixed two problems with my siteground hosted web pages..

MX records are now working, and my email for this domain is now being routed to gMails Hosted emails. Also Siteground Tech Support fixed the blog last night, and comments and actual blog posts are all working as they should!!

Thanks again Siteground

10 July, 2006

The blog needs work!

I am a bit behind in the blog at the moment, guys!! I still have not put up my USA overview, and also the entire trip overview!! There are three England Posts missing (Ecuador, Portugal, End of World Cup) .. plus more news on our new house and life in Reading!

Keep in touch.. I am just v.busy here!!

PLUS why if I click comments does it go to my homepage? and not to a comment?? grrrr

Aaaargh! Sorry…

So there I was about two weeks ago happily enjoying the World Cup.. Everything was great!! In fact I was on such a high, I decided to go and completely mess my blog up.

I started afresh.. New host .. New blog provider .. Why oh why???

02 July, 2006