10 July, 2006

Aaaargh! Sorry…

So there I was about two weeks ago happily enjoying the World Cup.. Everything was great!! In fact I was on such a high, I decided to go and completely mess my blog up.

I started afresh.. New host .. New blog provider .. Why oh why??? I was paying about $11 per month for a professional Typepad subscription, and wasn't really getting my moneys worth. Plus I couldn't do normal web design on it. So I went looking elsewhere. Word Press has been getting rave reviews, but if you want to use your own domain name then you need a hosted option. So that got me thinking. Why not pay for some webspace, and get them to host a Word Press blog on there..

Now it was just a matter of finding the right site. I was going to go with Yahoo, but www.connectedinternet.co.uk had an aticle about Siteground, so I went with them. Its much cheaper than Typepad (sorry guys!) but even though I think I know a lot about the internet and getting things done, I am finding it a little complicated to get it all done correctly. I have managed to import all my posts, but surprisingly none of the links works now. Plus I have lost most of my images (luckily backed up), and I have to start designing the home page again!!
So my blog is a work in progress at the moment.. Work is very busy, and I am fed up of constantly looking at a screen all day long!!

Anyway help and encouragement greatly received :)


  1. Doing it yourself is a lot of work. So unless you think it is fun, it will be a pain. Once you finally get it set up it will be ok. You will still do more work than typepad, but it won't be as bad as the initial setup. MovableType is the hardest to set up. Wordpress and Serendipity are about the same in difficulty.

    The nice thing about using one of those instead of LiveJournal or TypePad is that you have the control now.

  2. Weird. I thought you just posted this because it showed up on my feed.