27 August, 2006

Bristol Party

A busy week at work ended with the last Bank Holiday Weekend of the year. Me and Zee had Sy and Chrystal over for Zee's speciality Cheese Fondue (750g of three different Swiss cheeses, 1/2 bottle of white wine, and some shots of vodka and you then dip different veggies and breads in...mmmmm) and we all got very drunk. It was a fun night and we were listening to Reading Festival which is happening about a mile from our house! I think everyone woke up with hangovers, and as Zee's was especially bad she decided that she wasn't coming to Bristol. Lanners had sort of sorted out a party there, with a load of our mates from when we were at Uni in Southampton. It was so good to see all of my old friends, I think there was 15 of us!! Lanners, Fearless n Jimbob (my old housemates) Sy n Doggers (Good frinds from Reading and old housemates too!) Olie n Penny (living in Bristol) Dan n Aimee (just back from Travelling the world) Abbie, Judith & Plums (all living in London) Kat, Laura n Praf (living in Bristol/Brighton)...

A great night and we ended up in a club that reminded me of Kaos in Southampton!! then back to Penny/Olies for a little houseparty, and I finally crashed on the sofa at 5am :) zzzzzz

Heading to London tomorrow for a days shopping with Zee, and also to collect my Xbox360, which I just won on eBay!!


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