17 August, 2006

Does anyone else hate the Daily Mail?

Me and Zena are on our first holiday since coming back from travelling, and we have taken a few days off work to go camping down in South Devon. Guess what??

Its raining :(

Anyway we haven't got any further than Zees parents house in Somerset, and while I am just lazing around reading "Is it just me or is everything shit?" by Steve Lowe & Alan McArthur, the self titled encyclopedia of Modern Life; Zee has gone shopping with her mom. This book is actually very funny featuring an A to Z of whats wrong with Modern life, and its designed for those who fear they may have mislaid there soul in Coffee Republic. One entry on the Daily Mail starts, "The Daily Mail is very keen on tradition, heritage and 'never forgetting' all sorts of heroic British endeavours. Unfortunately, the great publishing institution appears to have accidently forgotton one particularly heroic aspect of its own heritage - viz. their wholehearted support for the facism of Hitler, Mussolini and Oswald Mosley. How terribly absent minded off them"

It goes on to mention how during the 1930's, Hitler and Mussolini could do no wrong and the paper "was the only major British daily to take a consistently pro-Nazi line", it mentions the Concentration Camps - "gross and reckless accusations (have been) made about them" - and were full of dirty Reds, right up until September 1939 and war was declared, the papers owner Lord Rothermore reportedley uttered two words "Ah.... Bugger"

As the final paragraph says, "It can only make you but wonder what would have happened if the Nazis had won the war. Presumably in the newly fascist Britain they would soon have found a collaborator in their old friend Rothermore. Then we might have ended up with a Daily Mail pouring forth reactionary bile against immigrants, gays, trade unionists, asylum seekers, women..."

Go out and buy it today, if only because the authors are so against consumer capitalism!


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