23 August, 2006

Terrible Holiday

Me and Zena took a couple of days off work last week, so we could go camping in Devon. As I mentioned in a previous post, we didn't end up going the first day as it was raining.. The same happened Friday, so all we did was go down to Exmouth for Zenas Grandparents Diamond Wedding Anniversary. It was a nice civilised affair, with Afternoon Tea and a lovely bit of cake, and I got to see some more of Zenas family as well. I just didn't feel like it because I had some terrible news.

My Grandad passed away. Apparently he collapsed in the Halfway House he was staying in, and didn't recover. I loved my Grandad, he ran a farm in Powick, Worcestershire with my Uncle Geoff, and I remember when me and my brother used to go over there as kids to stay the night and play in the farmyard...

I feel for my Nan now.. Grandad was looking after her at the Farm, but because she has trouble getting around she will probably have to be looked after in a home now... I love you Nan, and my thoughts are with you always x x


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