12 September, 2006


BestivalLast weekend I went to Rob da Banks Isle of Wight festival, otherwise known as Bestival.

8-11th September on the Robin Hill Country Park, I can honestly say it was amazing! It was great to catch up with my uni friends, and make some new ones as well!! Lets make some noise for OJ & Pegs, Jimmy & Lanners, Chrissy & Daisy, Finchy, Paula & Kate!!

Didn't think the weekend was actually gonna happen at one point, when I was stuck for two hours in traffic on the M3, but I was soon in Southampton.. Met up with OJ & Pegs, and Frenchy in Bedford Place and once we got all my stuff in the car we headed to the Ferry.. and what a queue awaited us...

That was the only queue though, and before you can say, "she sells seashells on the seashore" we were in the Bestival carpark and getting our lovely yellow weekend passes. Zero Mobile phone signal though, with my new phone burning the battery up :(  and not knowing where everyone was, we hung near the entrance until we met Daisy, Paula and Katy who took us to the campsite, and we got set up. Lanners & Jimmy soon rocked up, looking worse for wear, and we headed into the festy for some friday night shenanigans! I soon lost everyone near midnight, and headed back to the tent for a kip, ready for a big all dayer on Saturday.

Bestival has a fancy dress theme every year on the Saturday, and this years theme was circus. That was until they realised that a lot of people get spooked by clowns, and it ended up being a free for all! We just wandered round all day, sampling the booze and music and food, until we all headed back for a little kip and then get ready for the fancy dress parade at 6. Great plan, apart from the fact that we all woke at 7.. Me, Jimmy, Lanners, OJ and Chrissy all decided to go as Ooompah Loompahs. We had already seen some that day (who looked terrible ..NOT) and our painters suits, green hats, orange paint and spraypaint on the overalls made us look the biz! We soon headed for Fat Tuesdays tent, where we proceeded to have an ace night, which didnt finish till 7am.

I woke feeling like hell, and was in a daze all day long. The only thing going for me was the weddings at the church, as well as Pimms. Queued for 1/2 hour for some bloody cash, and just generally felt terrible.. Headed out again that night, this time without any sleep, and I was just not coping. I think its something to do with being 31.. Anyway I headed back at 11:30, back to my bed!

The morning just saw 9 unhappy campers get up, and pull some tents down.. then out and on to the ferry. I was home and clothes in the wash by 3pm.. I had an amazing weekend, it was really good to see old Uni friends again, and I reckon that Bestival will be on the tour next year as well as Glastonbury! More photos HERE


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