02 October, 2006

all alone :(

My girlfriend has left me...She has gone and left me to look after the cats on our own.. Booley and Chanel have now only got one person to 'Miaow' at...

However its not all that bad news! She's only gone on a holiday for her best friends wedding..
Jayme and Don get married next Saturday in Moncton, Canada.. I was invited, but back in January when we heard the date and location, I was busy sunning it up in Sydney and didn't have the spare cash for a flight. Thats why I am not going..

Anyway as Zee has a few problems with flying (She once screamed, "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!" much to her mums amusement) so I hope she managed to get to Toronto without any problems! A few days shopping and sightseeing, and then on to New Brunswick.. I am left behind to play Amped3 (and tidy the house for an inspection)

Jayme and Don.. Have a wonderful day, and I wish you both a happy life together!!! Sorry I couldn't make it :)


  1. hi jez

    don't do this again. i first really thought that she left you for good.
    sorry about the german blog. at the moment it's just too tiring to write in english as well. we're in india. heat, stress, noise, many!!!!!!! people. as soon as we got a clear head i'll promise to write some posts in english.

    brush up your german, man!!!


  2. hhk ... i am too lazy!! I did actually run your entire post through babel fish, the end result was pretty funny.. it made no sense what so ever!

    I'm in no rush for the english posts (in full) maybe a brief one sentence ?? not asking much... reallly!! enjoy India, its on my list of places to go!