21 December, 2006

del.icio.us links

del.icio.usI have been using del.icio.us for some time now as my primary bookmarker. I used to save loads of pages within Firefox/IE, and I would have trouble syncing between different browsers, and especially different computers. I tried using GooSync and Foxmarks, but its just... hassle. Del.icio.us makes it simple.

All I do now is use firefox and the firefox del.icio.us Bookmarks addon, and save the page. The best thing about this?? The fact I can add tags, so when I search its easier. I just wish, the 3500 pages I uploaded from Firefox could be automatically added with the best tags. Another thing is that I wish I could add my tagcloud to the Links page on my blog.

Any suggestions?? oh yeah, for my links view jezarnold


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