09 December, 2006

lack of posts

So has anybody noticed the lack of posts recently? I doubt it, after all I don't exactly write a blog as popular as techcrunch do I? Anyway, its been nearly a month since I last wrote, and its because I have been pretty busy at work. That and trying to find a new place. Why?

Well, sometimes relationships just don't work out.  Me and Zee have called it a day. We still love each other, but we realise that we just don't connect like we used to. So we are going to call it a day before we are at each others throats. I'm going to miss her so much.. She will get access rights to Booley, so we will still see each other around!

As a result I have been busy with Gumtree, easyroomshare and others trying to find the right house share. Its not easy, but I do have a viewing close to where I want to be on Monday, reasonable rent too!

Also went out for a run today. My 19week training plan started today! (only 4weeks overdue) LOL


  1. Hey, well at least your visiting other blogs and you are keeping it somewhat up to date.

  2. Read this at work whilst looking for a picture of Booley! You have so many blogs going I can't keep up to date - mind you putting me on a computer is as about as useful as a blind man on take your pick.

  3. What do you mean? Too many blogs? I only have this one and my flickr photo page... I suppose i have the vox one as well, but you dont have to look at that. Its only for my photo365 project... Anyway shouldnt you be working?
    If you want pics of booley then ask me and i will send you some!