26 December, 2006

rss & feedburner

Well, Christmas is over (nearly) so I decided to spend today doing a little research on getting my blog looking better! I am using Wordpress as blog platform, and early on I managed to get my Flickr PhotoRoll and also some more html in the sidebar. That was easy! What I have found difficult is getting javascript working.

Also I have a favour to ask, please view the full post!

One thing that has assisted me is getting the Wordpress plugin Sidebar Widgets working. But sometimes all I want to do is place a little javascript in the page. The one I am trying at the moment, is from Widgetbox and allows me to place my del.icio.us tags there. According to the site its as easy as:

  1. Log into your WordPress admin panel.

  2. Click on the "Presentation" tab and then click on the "Theme Editor" subtab.

  3. Click on a page item, such as Sidebar or Single Post, from the theme file list.

  4. Find a place in the PHP file that you'd like the widget panel to appear.

  5. Paste the code snippet from below into the file and then click the "Update File" button.

  6. Click the "View the Site" link located in the header to see your widget panel in action on your site.

Simple eh?? Except when I get to part 4. Find a place in the PHP file where you want it to appear.. OK no problems. Done that! But it does not work.. So I have looked at the Wordpress help pages and it just gets complicated. I am not a Web Developer, I am like most people who right blogs. I understand HTML, and other technologys but I dont need or want to know that much. If I needed a professional blog/website written, I would hire someone who knew these things!

Also, I wouldn't be doing this if I could simply have one of the pages on my blog (LINKS) to simply be a page of my del.icio.us Tags. According to the tagroll page, it can be done, but again it uses Javascript... Can ANYONE give me some assistance here?

Whilst I am here moaning about my lack of WebDev skills, perhaps someone can show me how I can get my Flickr and/or PicasaWeb images into my (PHOTOS) page?

Oh, and ONE final thing.. Do you view this site using your RSS reader? I view 90% of websites in my Google Reader, and only just noticed that mine was looking a little tacky! So I amended the BuzzBoost to HTML, hopefully it will change it! Could you let me know in the comments?
Anyway everyone, hope you all have a very Happy New Year!

UPDATE -- ONLY WORDPRESS slef Hosted blogs support this..


  1. I have had good luck with Serendipity.

    Do you view this site using your RSS reader? sometimes. Today I saw it in my LiveJournal friends list and clicked over to read it.

  2. Thanks Kristin!

    I have got Javascript working in one of my pages now, which is great! Thanks to otto42 <> and his scriptenabler plugin <> I have managed to get it working! Have a look at my LINKS page to see my de.icio.us tagroll

    I am not going to try another blog platform just yet. I really liked Typepad, but couldn't justify the $10 p/m, so needed something customizable and FREE!

  3. Listikal.. I will blog tag back, once I have 5 blog contacts that have NOT done it!